Application TCO

How much do your applications truly cost?
Now You Know.

M-PWR’s Application TCO module enables IT organizations to communicate the fully loaded costs of each application within the portfolio to the lines of business or departments. This information allows the organization to compare the value derived from applications to the cost incurred to deliver them.

  • Analyze the cost impact on applications due to changes in infrastructure
  • Measure the direct and indirect costs of applications
  • Make better decisions around spend and service delivery levels
  • Manage enterprise IT demand management for future applications and services
  • Identify and quantify all costs associated with delivering an application
  • Offers complete transparency of IT operations

Nicus M-PWR delivers:

  • Web reporting and dashboards
  • Automated data collection and integration
  • Rules engine for business logic, data transformation, and data validation
  • Process engine with more than 100 built-in financial and data management functions
  • Workflow (approvals and notifications)
  • Robust security model

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