Service Costing

Get a handle on the real cost of the IT functions across your organization.
Now You Know.

M-PWR’s standardized analytics provide a granular view of the technical and business services IT offers. These analytics highlight costs, volumes, and rates of the IT services in order to achieve optimized IT service delivery to the organization.

  • Advanced cost modeling engine
  • Supports many service costing methodologies
  • Includes standard service costing model
  • Comparison and what-if scenarios
  • Analyze historical trends of costs, volumes, unit costs, and consumptions of services
  • Drill down and through business and technical services to account and cost center detail
  • Evaluate the consumption of resources by each department, agency, or consumer

Nicus M-PWR delivers:

  • Web reporting and dashboards
  • Automated data collection and integration
  • Rules engine for business logic, data transformation, and data validation
  • Process engine with more than 100 built-in financial and data management functions
  • Workflow (approvals and notifications)
  • Robust security model

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